This Elf on the Shelf “Caught Moving” Video Compilation Will Put A Smile On Your Child’s Face!

We all know that our Elf on the Shelf friends have one job; to observe our behavior and report back to Santa Clause with what they have seen! We know that they move when no one is looking, but have you ever SEEN them actually move? If you haven’t, then you need to watch this video provided by the YouTube channel “MOON and BEYOND”.

The family decided to set up a camera in their house over night to see what they could catch on video. Let’s just say they caught some amazing footage! This compilation video shows their Elf on the Shelf friends moving throughout the house, eating cereal, playing with their family dog, playing with toys and even using the bathroom (yes you read that correctly). As always, this video is family friendly and a perfect video to watch with your kids!

Hope you enjoy!

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